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Adobe found some vulnerability in there software, Adobe Inc exposed the data of 7.5 million of its users(who ever uses Adobe software).

Adsense App will discontinue for Android and iOS

As Google said previously that they will discontinue the App services for iOS and Android, and they will better support Adsense for Web interface. Now it is seen that Google is notifying users that "Adsense will stop supporting this app in the next few months".

Alert! Your iPhone could be hacked with a simple message

As we Know that Google Project Zero security researchers has found multiple bugs in Apple’s iMessage platform that may allow to hack iPhone’s with just a single message.


Since many such features are now available in pubg pc with all its previous updates like new vehicles, maps, skins, events, etc, now there is nothing new left to add to the game. But recently Player IGN reported that a new clan system will introduce in pubg pc


Since cod mobile have been launched few weeks ago, it had some server side issue at the very first day of release but it was fixed till next day. Also it was under development while it was in beta stage.

Call of Duty Mobile will soon update you with Zombie Mode

As we all know call of duty mobile beats fortnite and pubg mobile for its most first month downloads. So because of this Activision and Tencent Games is looking forward to bring some better things for mobile platform.

Facebook Renaming “WhatsApp And Instagram”

Instagram And WhatsApp the best social media apps used by many users world wide may soon get renamed by adding a facebook label. This change in name may happen soon, Also confirmed by company spokesperson. May this Both apps may be renamed as “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook”.

Free Youtube Premium For Students

After the free one month trial period expires, Youtube Premium charges $4.99 (352 INR) per month for students. But one month month free trial is not enough to get an idea about how useful is youtube music premium/youtube premium in certain situations.

Gold Vault in Google Pay now rolling out

Google Pay payment method now in India is the most used UPI payment method used by several users. Also Google is offering some India exclusive features in Google pay, recently google rolled out Gold Vault in Google pay in India!

Google Removed Stalker Apps From Playstore

Google has removed stalker apps from playstore which may were spying on you. Google has removed seven apps that were available on its Playstore as apps for children’s safety or finding stolen phones but were being used to stalk employees, romantic partners or kids.

Huawei’s own OS is not for every Huawei smartphone

Huawei is been working for its own OS, mostly named as HongMeng OS. HongMeng OS is widely believed to be company’s answer to Google Android mobile OS. But now the US trade ban is removed from Huawei so google and other US companies can still work with Huawei.

Lineage OS build are back Online for Xiaomi devices!

Few weeks back Lineage OS builds for xiaomi devices were taken off from its server, but Now they are back online!

Mid range chipset from Qualcomm!

Qualcomm launched their new mid-range chipset called as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765. This chipset has Snapdragon X52 5G modem which helps to bring 5G connectivity for middle end devices. It can sport upto 192 MP camera and supports a 120 hz refresh rate.


PUBG Mobile V0.17 GLOBAL Update is ready to roll out for all supported devices possibly it will start rolling out from 3rd of March! here are the quick changelogs of this update!


Fabrice Bellard and charlie Gordon (co- creator) released the public release of QuickJS under the MIT license and a “small but complete JavaScript Engine” which comes with support for the latest ES2019 language specifications.

Qualcomm Working on its next Flagship Chipset

Recently on Geekbench some Mysterious Snapdragon chipset blows away the competition of chipsets.

Qualcomm may reveal its next Flagship Chipset!

Qualcomm is working on its next Chipset from past few months and they are almost done withits architecture and testing. According to some rumors this new Chipset may be 40 percentage better than its predecessor i.e, Snapdragon 855/855+.


Since Google is working on RCS messaging platform for Android it have been seen that now RCS is available for most of the Android users with Google messaging app and Activity launcher.

Redmi Note 8 will launch soon! -Confirmed by Lu Weibing

After Redmi note 7 series, Xiaomi likely to announce Redmi Note 8 series soon as confirmed by “Lu Weibing” -the brand’s General Manager. The key rumors about this smartphone is that, It may come with a 64 MP camera sensor. Redmi Note 8 will be the next big entry to their brand’s smartphone lineup. The camera sensor would be of Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 64 MP sensor.


Ads are the best way for brands to get the benefit from their creations. We have seen previously how MIUI use to show Ads on Xiaomi Smartphones, similarly samsung is planning to integrate ads on their smartphones with ONE UI.

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