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Android 11/R Developer Preview 1!

  • Scheduled Dark Theme:- Now with Android 11, you can schedule the Dark Theme to come at a specific time, which we can set!

  • Bubbles Notification:- Like e earlier saw on Facebook Messanger that bubble chat screen, Now with Android 11 we would be able to see Bubble Notification throughout the system.

  • New Conversation Screen:- Now you can see some extra but useful quick options on your Notification conversation screen.

  • Screen Recording Toggle in QS Panel.

  • New UI for DND:- Same options as we saw on Android 10 but, In Android 11 it is well organized!

  • Permissions:- Android 11 will always ask you for permission to use contacts, storage, Microphone and all if you turn on the "ASK EVERY TIME" option.

  • Gesture Settings:- Now you can customize Gesture useable area and gesture sensitivity.

  • With ANDROID 11 You can update through DSU. (Dynamic System Update)

  • New Setting available to show display refresh rate, setting available in Developer Settings.

  • Now Bluetooth devices stay connected even if we on Airplane Mode.

  • New Screenshot preview with Scrolling Screenshot Support.

  • Fully redesign better easy to use Notification History page is now under testing with Android 11.

  • Multi-colored Quick Settings icons are under testing on Android 11.

  • Android 11 test Quick useable Music widget in the QS panel.

  • Other settings like Pin an app to the Share Menu, New Magnify Settings are also Available.