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  • Yash Rikame


CAF stands for the Code Aurora Forum. It is like the name says, an online forum (just like XDA, except, the forum is more for OS developers than rom and mod flashers ) where Qualcomm releases source codes and patches for their CPUs. Code Aurora is a kind of an initiative in which brands can release the open-source codes for CPUs for future software development.

Whenever Google releases a new Android version, they put their source codes on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) remote, for the Manufacturers and Developers to customize, tweak, or modify things and release ROMs for phones.

Codes released by Google are clean and maintained properly by each of its android tag, a revision of android android 8.1.0_r16 means that it is the 14 th revision of stable android 8.1 these codes released by Google are for certain and limited aosp devices, ay bugs if found are directly fixed by the developer team at AOSP Google itself and the custom ROMS built on the base of AOSP are non modified codes which are released with a tag as AOSP

Now lets talk about caf, qualcomm makes their own SoC’s so they do modify and a add a lot of stuff that can take advantage of their CPU prowess, like better audio processing, various CPU clock tweaks, camera patches, and libs, and much more. Developers know how big of a role CAF plays in development. It is a major reason why Snapdragon devices get much more ROMs than, say, MediaTek one

In this case, there should only be differences in optimization and not features, as it is only the base that’s different unless the developers intentionally implement extra features into the CAF ROM.