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Everyone using a smartphone try to endure battery backup. It's hard to maintain your battery backup throughout a day with some heavy tasks like always active on Instagram, Twitter, etc, but with dark theme, you may able to get some good battery backup throughout the day.

Recently Google announced Android 10 with the system-wide dark theme, which is compatible with almost google apps and some third-party apps like Instagram, Twitter, and whats app will also soon launch its dark theme.

So let's discuss the points which help with dark mode:-

  • Eye Strain:- Using a smartphone during the night with a light theme may cause Eye strains to avoid this black/dark theme will be useful for this and will not cause eye strain.

  • Battery Backup:-Many app cause huge battery drain also many apps run in the background. But with a black/dark theme, the battery consumption of that particular app is less than that of the light theme! (Amoled screen's dark theme almost saves 63 percentage of battery and for IPS LCD it's not that much but yes it saves battery)

So overall DARK THEME saves battery for AMOLED screen and for ICD it does save batter but not as much as AMOLED screens. Thus Dark mode really matters!