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Digital Wellbeing!

Digital Wellbeing is a perfect way to balance with the latest Technology and Features right on our Finger Tips. In todays world technology is boosting day by day and becoming more and more integral to everything we do. Technology should improve life, not to Distract us. So for this, to control technology Google is giving us the tool to improve technology without getting distracted.

Digital Wellbeing gives us a complete showcase of how much time we spend in a perticular app also it shows how many notification we got from a specific app in its Dashboard. It shows our daily Screen time as well as how many times we unlocked our device. We can manage to set a screen time for a perticular app by setting up daily app timers, when the timer runs out the app is paused for till the end of the day. We can schedule custom remainders that can encourage us to pausing what we are currently Watching/Playing and get us to step away to take rest!

We can set sleep time and Wake up time so during this period we can activate greyscale features, which helps to silent notifications to help us to get a good sleep and turns screen black and white, making apps less engaging when you're trying to focus. This greyscale feature available in Wind Down option.