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Dualshock's 'X' button is actually called as the 'cross' button says Playstation

We all know that for almost 25 years, Sony has made PlayStation controllers with an X as the main button. But according to a tweet from Playstation UK, the 'X' button is actually supposed to be referred as the 'cross' button. I myself have been calling this button as 'X' since my childhood now suddenly it being called as 'cross' button is just infuriating me.

Players around the world are just as infuriated as me. Like we all have been calling 'X'(ex) wrong the whole time?

Twitter just exploded with tweets of the players around the world explaining their way of calling it as 'X' or any other shape. Some user went through the scientific way.

Recently, the main Playstation account took the poll asking "What do you call it?" & majority of the people polled out for 'X'. Even as a joke less people polled out for 'cross' as the option & behind the 3rd option being "+ rotated 45 degrees"

The main PlayStation account has not weighed in with an official opinion, only posting the poll. Since the ruling came from PlayStation UK, saying “cross” might just be a UK thing as they have the habit of calling thing differently.

It doesn't really matters to me whatever it is called I will continue to call it as 'X' button only that is what I have been doing since the day I got it. Tell us what do you call it in the comment section.