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  • Varun Yadav

Facebook reveal a new programming language - Move

Facebook already announced or we say confirmed about its speculation around its new Project "Cryptocurrency Project Libra". Expected to be launched in 2020, and Libra wallet app also expected to be integrated with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook introducing a new language - Move for cryptocurrency Why?

The move is a programming Language, which safe and flexible for "Libra BlockChain". The move is a bytecode language used for transactions and it also easily contracts. It provides the guarantee that the values are stored in the data structure should be safe, and it also provides resources that programmers not only implement safe digital assets but also write business logic and enforcing the control policies. The safety enabled us to implement the Libra protocol to Move, which includes validator management, Libra Coin and processing. The good thing Move is -

It is powerful and expressive, its ranging simple transactions to more complex transactions. The language is an open-source project and the idea to use this language is to protect Libra Coins from an account and avoid a misplaced or duplicated.

Libra is a blockchain digital currency to manages the transaction and currency and these whole things it's under Libra Association. Libra is written in Rust language and it is open-source. Libra service partners, within the Libra Association, will create a new Libra currency and will be retired as they redeemed for conventional currency.

For more information about Libra: libra.org

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