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  • Yash Rikame

ARK OS , Android alternative for upcoming Huawei phones ?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

New reports suggest that Huawei filed the name "Ark OS" with the German Patent and Trademark Office

The Trump Administration put the Chinese smartphone maker on a trade blacklist in US Reacting to those restrictions Google and Windows suspended their business with Huawei for Android and Windows

Google also Blocked Huawei’s Android Arm License and its access to Play Store. It also removed Mate 20 PRO From the android Q beta program and also removed mate 20 PRO from the from the Smartphone section in its dedicated beta page(Later it was back in ANDROID Q beta program). It isn’t even uncertain that the phones will be provided with further updates or not.

Rumours even revealed that Huawei is also in talks with Aptoide which will act as a replacement for Google Play Store.

Presently the company hasn’t made any official announcement on the naming but news suggests that the


There are even leaks of the app store which may help to download android app

Even the appstore has some more good implications rather than play store and looks simple

So, Stay tuned.

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