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  • Yash Rikame

Lawnchair 2 stable is now rolling out on the Play Store

Third-party launchers may not be as tightly integrated into the system as first-party launchers are, but they generally offer a lot more features than the stock launcher on any given device. Take Google’s Pixel Launcher, for example. It’s clean and beautifully designed, but there are only a handful of options to customize the launcher. In comparison, a third-party launcher like the popular. Lawnchair app has dozens of features. You can stick with a more minimalist, Pixel Launcher-like experience or you can customize any way you want it. The last stable update was version 1.2.1 back in July, and now the Lawnchair app has reached version 2 in the stable channel after months of beta releases.

Here are the highlights of the v2 update, per the team:

Lawnchair v2 Update Highlights:

Adds Drawer Categories (Tabs & Folders). Introduces Adaptive Icon customisation. Enables integration with Sesame and Homefeeder. Adds Pixel Launcher’s At a Glance widget. Integrates with Android’s Recents page via QuickSwitch.

The Lawnchair v2 stable update is rolling out now on the Google Play Store.