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New Parental Control Option Now Available in Digital Wellbeing!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

As we Know "Google Digital Wellbeing" and "Family Link" features a lot of the same boxes when it comes what features and services to offer. Now Digital Wellbeing adds Integration with Family Link's parental controls. The new change is rolling out via an update from the Play Store. You can find Parental Controls option itself in Digital wellbeing Section in the Setting app.

Google is working to increase the functionality and features of both Family Link and Digital wellbeing Service. Information overload from Being Connected online at an increasing rate has given Google even more of a reason to expand its features. This two services functions quite similar in a number of ways, it makes sense that google integrated this two functions together.

From the above screenshots we are Clear that how is it going to Look, and How it is integrated with Digital Wellbeing Section. basically, all the data will be accessible and controllable on parental devices of the Family Link service. Google is simply bringing them together to make it even more easier to use.