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  • Yash Rikame

Nvidia GeForce now goes live now

Nvidia has just announced that it's planning to bring its game streaming service GeForce Now to more mobile Android devices sometime in the future with a beta app. Right now the entire service is in beta, and it's only available to Windows, Mac, and Nvidia Shield users. This service beta should end in a couple of months whenever it's officially launched, though it's currently unclear if the upcoming beta for the mobile-focused app will be launched at the same time. Of course, since we are nearing the official release of the service, Nvidia has just opened its first RTX servers to German and Californian residents, which should bring with it some exemplary graphics.

Thanks to a recent announcement for Gamescon, Nvidia has revealed that it will bring its GeForce Now game streaming service to more mobile Android devices sometime in the future with a beta app release. No date has been provided for when we should expect the mobile app to land, though it does appear that Nvidia should finally launch the Shield-focused service out of beta in the coming months. In light of this news, it makes sense that Nvidia would launch its first RTX servers in Germany and Northern California starting today as the company ramps up for the official release. This RTX access should expand to the rest of Europe as well as North America in the coming months.

I suppose with Google's Stadia on the horizon, it makes sense that Nvidia would be looking to expand its own game streaming service, and since this service has been in beta for some time now as the company retooled the platform, it's nice to know that we are finally nearing the official release. I'm also excited to see what Nvidia's new mobile-focused app brings, as I would love to finally be able to stream my GeForce games on my phones, non-Shield tablets, and Chromebooks. Nvidia has mentioned that physical controllers will be necessary for many of the compatible titles, much like the Shield TV offering, so nothing much has changed on this front. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Nvidia is going to take its game streaming service seriously by offering a quality competitor to Stadia. While it's still early days, I have to say I'm excited to see what the future holds.