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Oneplus will start promoting Custom Rom! and even bug hunt with a bounty

Oneplus held an open ear forum program for analysis of earphones/headphones and how user is comfortable with certain sounds!, and also this program was handled very well.

If you want to know What is a Custom Rom then Click Here

In India Custom Rom development are becoming popular day by day and had a huge cringe among users, so for this Oneplus is opening a bug bounty program to expand its development program.

Following are the key points that oneplus is planning to do:-

  1. kernel sources to be released as soon as they can

  2. They will introduce bounty program for reporting security vulnerabilities

  3. They will promote Custom Rom on their forum as well as on social media for EOL devices

  4. Better battery optimization while keeping app in background

  5. They will release source as soon as they release their new device

  6. Support for old devices like oneplus 3/3t, oneplus 5/5t,etc

  7. More oneplus community meetup's and developer conference.