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  • Yash Rikame

OneUi 2.0 update reveals about S20's Camera features

Latest OneUi 2.0 update revealed many surprises to be predicted from not sure but new APK teardown

some of which are

Directors View

Directors View was one of the most exciting features we found in earlier copies of the Samsung Camera APK. We speculated this mode would allow you to record and swap between the different lenses on the Galaxy S20 as you were recording, similar to Filmic Pro on the iPhone. With an update from a newer One UI build, Samsung seems to have added new strings. It looks as though you will be able to select a subject to focus on and the Galaxy S20 will automatically track them. It will also allow you to get close up shots of a subject. This could be very good for recording interviews or cinematic shots.

Single Take Photo

Single Take Photo is a new mode Samsung developed to use AI to take pictures and videos of any scene. This mode sounds very familiar to Google’s Photobooth mode from the Google Pixel. Google’s Photobooth mode will take pictures of you when it detects a smile, kiss, or other optimal moments. The idea is to always click the perfect photo by knowing what makes a photo good. Samsung is attempting to do something similar, though Samsung’s mode will work on more than just selfies. It will let you pan around an environment to automatically take the best pictures.

Single Take Photo should turn out to be a useful mode for beginners to photography and for those that have difficulty in framing and timing their shots. Samsung actually worked on helping with this last year with Shot Suggestion on the Galaxy S10. It would guide you to take better shots, and it often makes the task easier. Single Take Photo could be automating that entire process

Pro Video

By popular demand, Samsung seems to be bringing back Pro Video. In earlier Samsung phones, going to the Pro mode in the camera allowed you to take photos or videos with options selected in Pro mode. Sadly, with newer updates, Samsung removed that feature and limited Pro mode to just photos. Luckily, Samsung seems to have a new Pro video mode for the Galaxy S20 in the works. This will let you change the exposure, shutter speed, color tone, and ISO manually. In the normal video mode, these options are automatically chosen based on the scene you are recording.

Bokeh Mode

When Samsung introduced Live Focus with the Galaxy Note 8, they also introduced Live Focus effects. These allowed you to change the blurred lights in the background of a photo into a bunch of different shapes to give your photos personality. With the Galaxy S10, Samsung introduced new Live Focus effects such as Blur, Big circles (aka big bokeh), Color point, Spin, and Zoom. Samsung is also working on 4 new modes: Artify (yes, there’s a typo in the strings shown below), Mono, Side light, and Vintage. The Glitch effect also shows up as a bokeh effect along with a Live Focus Video effect, so there is a chance it could be coming to the photography mode along with the video mode.