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PUBG MOBILE V0.15 Changelogs

1:New Vehicle-BRDM 2

BRDM-2 can only be called in a special care package using a flare gun on all maps and it replaces the Armored UAZ. It can travel through water as well as terrain! It has twice the health of UAZ and it's wheels cannot be damaged.

2:New Weapon-Desert Eagle(Deagle)

Two shots from deagle can break a level 3 helmet. It is a hand gun and the strongest pistol in the Game. It deals 62 damage per shot.

3:Fuel Can Explosion

Now you can actually use fuel can as a trap, just make your trap and as enemy comes near it you can explode the can by just shooting it!

4:RPG helicopter event

A new event will come with some halloweeks UI changes and some additional skins and stuff!