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Scrcpy v1.9-Mirror your screen even with display off!


  • Add feature to turn screen off while mirroring

  • Add device-to-computer clipboard copy

  • Add computer-to-device clipboard copy

  • Find scrcpy-server.jar in the correct directory on Windows

  • Fix mouse focus clickthrough

  • Do not minimize the window on focus loss

  • Disable X11 compositor bypass

  • Continue text injection on failed character

  • Bind Home key to MOVE_HOME instead of HOME screen

  • Do not crash if expanding/collapsing panels is not supported

  • Do not power on the device if –no-control is set

  • Improve framerate counting

  • Add runtime option to render expired frames (i.e. not skip frames)

  • Downgrade SDL to 2.0.8 in Windows releases

  • Upgrade FFmpeg to 4.1.3 in Windows releases

  • Upgrade platform-tools to 29.0.1 (adb) in Windows releases

SCRCPY is a software which allows user to control and view Android devices from Windows, In short we can say "screen sharing". It's a fantastic app which works great via a USB connection. The main highlight is that you can control your entire android device with keyboard and mouse. There is no input lag as well as it has real time control. It uses ADB interface which need USB Debugging to be turned on.

Recent update of scrcpy brought a very useful feature in which we can mirror our device's screen while the display is turned off. scrcpy is available now over GITHUB