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Tech in Agriculture!

Technology is advancing day by day as we all are experiencing the taste of its development. Smartphones are used by almost every family for their daily purposes besides that forwarding rumors and all. Now a days every thing is switching to digital interface. So, let's see how technology is doing as a helping hand in agriculture field.

Smartphones are the most important gadget that we use almost every single day for various purposes, you can also say that without a smartphone living a life will be impossible in current era. For agriculture purpose there are many applications available for farmers which helps farmers to easily use various techniques of farming and educating them in many possible ways. Also, they can watch several videos on YouTube about how to protect crops from insects, etc. They can use their smartphones to easily contact shopkeepers and ease the process of exporting their crops, grains, etc. They could also get weather forecast on their smartphone itself from which they can take proper precautions for their crops.

There are many ways to track animals like Cows, Bulls ,Buffalos, etc. Animal Tracking will help to track the animals if in certain situations they get lost or to check whether the animals are physically fit for farming activity and all. A collar belt is developed to detect the health and fertility of cows. This tracker can be integrated with our smartphones and laptops which helps us to keep our eye on our animals even when we are not watching them.

There are many sensors available for farming like crop sensors, water sensors, soil sensors, etc. These sensors help us to get really important key notes like getting info about how the soil is? or the water in use is good or any impurity / toxic is present in it.

Modern lifestyle requires modern techniques, so for modern harvesting there are many machines/vehicles available to ease the farming work. Many machines like Small-Scale Potato Harvester, Automatic In Row Weeder, Automatic Cow Milking Machine, Carrot Harvester, Separator, Robotic Lettuce Harvester, etc.

We hope that there will be many more advancements made to the technology in the upcoming future.