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Technology Causing FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out?

Everyone has a smartphone now a days also most of em are using Social media and stuff on it. Many of us had encountered with advertising of some kinda stuff, Like gadgets,watches,etc with some great offers added to it. So if we like that product we use to visit their website and encounter with many other stuff.

The advertisement are like "Only 3- In stock, 50% Discount till tomorrow" and hell lot more. Due to all this kinda stuff it attract's user to think about buying that product, inshort thinking to buy a product which user didn't thought before. So this is nothing but FOMO affect- "Fear Of Missing Out affect".

So we can say, because of smartphone's this thing is happening. So we can say that Technology is causing this issue. But we can't stop Science and Technology, but we can set up some control measures to it.

According to current world every human being is addicted to smartphones a lot, that the last thing we end our day with and the first thing we start our day with. Staying online for multiply hours on social media is now running as a trend. This is what the main reason we are encountering with many such issues and effects like FOMO. While just chilling using our smartphones we may get some repeated advertisements of some products which makes a point of interest on our mind, nothing but FOMO affect starts! So this can be a huge problem in the upcoming future, So many Smartphone manufacturer's like Google, Oneplus, etc are working on it.

Let's talk about Google, we all know that Google is almost everything in the current world and it's well know for all it's features and stuff. To avoid FOMO affect Google had launched Digital wellbeing . By using this we can control how long we can use a particular app on our smartphone also we can schedule random notification on our smartphones. (CLICK HERE TO KNOW DIGITAL WELLBEING IN DETAIL)

Oneplus also introduced Zen mode this year with oxygen OS. Zen mode is an inspired version of Google's Digital Wellbeing. It does the same job as Digital wellbeing but as Google is currently not offering this features on all devices, thus oneplus launched their own. In zen mode we can also customize time limits in which we can't use our phone for a particular time, like we can set a minimum of 20 min timer or more than that and make our-self detached from the digital world for that particular period.

So this are certain measures which can control our daily life style and issue's. So we can say that technology is improving better and better without disturbing our livelihood.