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This Wallpaper can make you wipe your Xiaomi Smartphone!

We love to change wallpaper's of our smartphones frequently, as their are many such options available now a days also some of them attracts us and we set them as our smartphones wallpaper. Recently it was found that some wallpapers cause Xiaomi smartphone users to wipe their data.

A reddit user found this strange thing and reported this issue to Xiaomi Community.(spotted on mi 9)

Statement by that user:-

“I have recently changed my phone’s wallpaper, and as soon as I did this, the screen of my phone keeps turning ON and OFF. It keeps being on for 1 second and then turns off and turns on for 1 second, so I cannot do anything during that period. While doing this, it vibrates twice. After 5-6 times of doing this, a loading screen appears and it gives me 3 options: Reboot: the same thing happens, Wipe Data, Contact Mi Assistant. Can anybody help me with this error? I don’t want to wipe my phone’s data”.

This is a warning for rest of the users for not using this kinda wallpapers on their Xiaomi Smartphone. Xiaomi is looking into it, stay tune for more updates like this!