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TOP 13 features of iOS.


iOS 13 looks largely the same as iOS 12, but with one major exception-- A New SYSTEMWIDE DARK-MODE OPTION. Dark Mode changes the entire look of the operating system, darkening everything from the wallpaper to the built-in Apple apps. Apple designed special Dark Mode-optimized wallpapers that turn from light to dark when you switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode, and there's a Dark Mode API, so developers are going to be able to make third-party apps compatible too.


iOS 13 introduces some notable performance improvements that will make the operating system faster and smoother on iOS devices. For devices that use Face ID, the Face ID feature unlocks up to 30 percent faster. Apps in iOS 13 launch up to twice as fast, and apps in general are smaller (Smaller size of app).


Sign In with Apple is a new privacy-focused alternative to existing sign-in options from companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook, which are designed to let you use your existing accounts to quickly and easily sign in to other apps and services.


With iOS 13, when a user taps on the Edit button while viewing a photo, they will see options to adjust the exposure, highlights, shadows, black point, and a lot more. Plus, in a separate tab, users will not only get options to crop the image, but also options for horizontal flip, rotation, and perspective adjustments.


The new “Find My” feature, which clubs both Find My Device and Find My Friend, under a single roof is now capable of locating lost or stolen Apple devices that are offline and not connected to the Internet. Apple talked about “Find My”, saying that both MacBooks and iPhones will act as Bluetooth beacons in an offline state and nearby Apple devices would relay the geo-location of stolen devices to the owner. Yeah, Apple devices near the stolen device will be used to communicate the location of the lost device.


Fixed Region mode allows you to set your desiredscreenshot length and width in terms of pixel count which helps to ensure all your screenshots are uniform. It also has a Scrolling Window mode that lets you capture a scrolling screenshot of a webpage or a document in just a few clicks. With iOS 13 you will be able to do it!


Apple in iOS 13 introduced a new "Optimized Battery Charging" feature, which is designed to extend the total battery life of your iOS device. Found in the Battery section of Settings under "Battery Health," the optional toggle learns from your personal habits and waits to finish charging all the way up until you need your iPhone. Which we saw in asus zenfone 5.


With voice control activated, you will see a grid appear across your phone. your iPhone will now be listening for your voice, and acknowledge your commands by dictating what you say at the top of the screen.

These were the top 13 features of the iOS which makes it stand different from the others.