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Vivo Apex 5G 2020 Concept!

Vivo has finally glimpsed the APEX 2020 concept smart phone as the leaks,

which comes with some astonishing inventions.

The phone features 16 MP In-display selfie camera with upgraded transmittance

by 6× for reducing the extra light illuminations and stray flash.The camera is not

visible when the screen is on.

On the rear part APEX 2020 introduces 4 group lense combination with two fixed

and two movable for 5 to 7.5× zoom, also it resolves periscope structured

Telephoto camera for continuous zoom and real-time focus .

The primary camera is of 48 megapixels serving advance gimbal like stabilization

and enhanced night time photographs.

  • It features 60W wireless Super Fast Charging covering 2000mah in 20 mins

  • APEX 2020 uses SnapDragon 865 with SD X55 modem for 5G

  • RAM : 12 Gigabytes

  • ROM : 256 Gigabytes

  • Operating system runs Android 10 with Vivos own Android skin

  • APEX 2020 is also equipped with inovations like 3rd gen Screen SoundCasting

  • Instant Photothumb Removal, and Voice Tracking Auto-Focus

  • Screen of 6.45 inch in 120° Full view edgeless display which curves gracefully

  • Futuristic look