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  • Varun Yadav

Why Aptoide accuses Google about its alternative App Store...

Everyone knows that Google is the largest giant tech and the controller of the Android Operating System. Aptoide accuses Google to "Play Fair" with the third- party app stores on Android. We also, know that Android OS is open source as is based on Kernel Linux, any application, software or a third-party application we can download on an Android device without restriction. If we talk about Apple, Apple is more secure than Android about its "App Store" because they don't allow the third-party app, we have to take permission to use them.

Aptoide is a Portugal based app store on an Android device and a piece of recent news made a headline for its potential deal with Huawei. Now, Aptoide accuses Google of preventing users from choosing their own App Store.

Many studies have pegged that Aptoide is a safe app store on an Android device, but google abuse to say that it is an unsafe Application on an Android. Aptoide CEO revealed that Google is abusing its power about its own currently growing app store and telling to a user it is a harmful application and suggesting to uninstall it. For this situation, the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) handling the investigation and this investigation makes a lot of sense since President Trump has accused Google of favoring liberal media in political search results.

By independent research from Japanese University says, Aptoide is a Harmless and malware-free app store by Antivirus aggregator Virus Total. TechCrunch in a statement said, Last year we had 222 million active user base but after Google's flag on our app store they count dropped directly to 56 million and also said the loss of 15 to 20 % of our user base since June 18. Aptoide CEO said that Play Protect shouldn't give a notification that its a harmful app and forced the users to uninstall it since studies and research prove Aptoide as 100% secure App store. We would like to keep allowing users to develop and discover their own app in the store of their choice.

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